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About MomoGumi

MomoGumi ehf design team was founded by someone in year 1997 somewhere in London. At that time, We used to make posters, but after I moved to Iceland in 1998, We started designing DVD packages, company logos, and movie posters.

I do various things such as illustrations and drawings. What we value is to make sure we create what we like. We'll fix the requested work many times until the customer is satisfied. Well, it is roughly such a feeling.




The people inside are doing it loosely somehow. In particular, the CEO is a person who can be winner the looseness tournament, so designers always have a hard time. But everyone is positive about their work, so they won't bother the outside world. Maybe...



Computer graphics, design, photo retouching, and so on.


We'll do illustrations, backgrounds, characters, etc.


That's what a logo or a trademark is all about.


There is no contact form, so please refer to the above address.